Eric & Susanna

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Eric & Susanna

Eric & Susanna says:

From the first time I spoke with Aaron, his approach to selling our home was different than that of the other realtors we spoke to. We were convinced that we would have to sell our home to an investor because we could not afford to do the work that we felt (and had been told by other realtors) would be necessary for the home to appeal to the general public. Aaron encouraged us to consider giving it a shot, and was convinced that we would have no issue selling the house.

The other large concern that we had was our ability to keep a house ready for showings with 5 kids in the home. Aaron assured us that arrangements could be made to simplify the process and allow us to live normal lives while still getting the home sold.

After some discussion, we decided to give Aaron a shot, and we are SO glad that we did. He helped us to prioritize the things in the house that needed to be done before listing, while also helping us to stay on schedule to get it listed. He also scheduled listings to fit in a schedule that was convenient for our family.

From the beginning, Aaron was very aggressive with the marketing of the home. We had offers in hand before there were even any showings, and with a multiple offer scenario, the house was on the market for less than a week before we accepted a contract.

Aaron worked his tail off before, during, and after the sale to insure a positive experience for our family, and we are forever grateful for his assistance. You will NEVER find another realtor that will work for you like Aaron.

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