Selling On Your Terms

Selling Quickly, for Top Dollar, Hassle-Free

1. Use professional photography and marketing. 90% of home buyers search online, so having excellent photographs of your home and marketing these is absolutely necessary.

  • I will arrange for professional photographs of your home to make it stand out in print and online listings. (I do this at my own expense.)
  • I will create a unique website for your home. (see as an example of my marketing.) This will dramatically increase your market exposure.
  • I will feature your home on social media, in the Middle Tennessee multiple listings service, and in the Weichert international marketing network.
  • Your property will appear in over 500 websites and publications, including the most popular home search websites, giving you a huge audience of potential buyers. 
  • I will market your home across the United States and internationally because your buyer could be from anywhere in the world. Middle Tennessee is expected to lead the state in population growth. Reports show that 100 people a day move to Nashville-Davidson county. Rutherford county population is expected to grow by over 30,000 in the next two years. With so many new people moving to this area, your buyer could be coming from anywhere.

2. Start at the right price. While it may be tempting to set a high price and then negotiate down, this tends to backfire. An overpriced home may not attract the right buyers and will stay on the market longer than similar homes that are priced at what the market is paying. A home that lingers on the market much longer than average starts to lose value in the minds of buyers (If it hasn’t already sold, what’s wrong with it?).

  • I will prepare a free comparative market report to show you how your home’s value compares to recently sold homes and recommend an appropriate listing price range.
  • I will discuss pricing strategies with you so that we get your home sold according to your goals.
  • I will recommend a listing price range according to the sales and trends in your neighborhood.  Whether your house or other real estate is in Smyrna, Christiana, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Nashville, or other middle Tennessee areas, I will get your property sold!

3. Clarify your goals. Usually sellers have a dollar amount and a time frame in mind, but one may be more important than the other. Usually in the middle TN real estate market timeframe and top dollar seem to be balanced, but if your goals favor one over the other, your Realtor® needs to understand that. Clarifying your priorities in these areas will help you set a price that will attract the buyer you are looking for. Keeping in mind the tip about starting at the right price, there are other marketing strategies that we can consider to help you reach your goals.

  • I will ask questions to help clarify your goals.
  • I will recommend appropriate pricing, marketing, and negotiating strategies so that we have the best chance of helping you reach your goals.

The rest of these tips are with selling for top dollar in mind. If your goal is a quick sale or you have a distressed property, there are other tips and strategies that may be more appropriate for us to implement. Since each property and each seller is unique, I will prepare a selling and marketing strategy based on your individual goals.

4. Make a spectacular first impression. This starts with the exterior as potential buyers drive up to the property (or tour it online), and continues into the home and rest of the property. Regardless of the time of year, a home for sale should be neat, clean, and inviting. The yard should be more than well kept, it should stand out to make a good impression. While you don’t have to create a landscaping marvel, planting some flowers and putting fresh mulch down in the beds really does help. The entrance area should be given extra attention: clear it of any clutter and give it a fresh coat of paint.

  • I will look over the exterior of your home and yard from front to back with fresh eyes and point out anything that needs attention.
  • I will recommend landscaping and home repair professionals who can help address any issues if necessary.
  • I will recommend resources for property owners who prefer to do these kinds of projects on their own.

5. Make a fantastic lasting impression with the interior. Once a potential buyer steps inside your home, they quickly start developing an impression of whether or not your home would suit them. Everything they see and touch should be clean, free of clutter, and odor free. A fresh coat of paint and a good airing out by leaving the windows open can really freshen up the feel of a home.

  • As a free service to my clients, my team is available to assist in staging and cleaning in preparation for marketing your property.
  • I will advise you on cleaning and staging and can recommend additional measures or professional services if necessary.
  • I will go through your house room by room, and point out staging and other recommendations to help you create a fantastic impression with your home’s interior.

6. Make repairs. If there are repairs to be made, I recommend making them if you can afford to do so. If not, you can expect to make some compromises in the selling process. Many repairs can be made quickly and affordably before they come to the attention of potential buyers.

  • As a free service to my clients, I am available to make minor “necessary” repairs in the process of getting your property ready to sell.
  • I will gladly recommend local professionals who can get your home move-in ready.

7. Update inside and out. Using contemporary colors in decorating and having modern fixtures and appliances can all increase the appeal and the value of your home. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean a complete makeover, and some updates make a bigger impression than others.

  • I will point out any potential updates that might affect the sale of your home.
  • I will recommend professionals or DIY resources to help you make any appropriate updates.

8. Depersonalize. You want buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. It’s difficult for most people to do that if they see pictures of you, your family, and your friends on the walls and scattered around the house. Take personal pictures down and replace them with something neutral, such as a nature scene or non-nude classical art (nudes are another no-no, no matter how tasteful or expensive). The same is true of anything that could be viewed as controversial, such as political and religious items. Even sports memorabilia can be a turn-off for a buyer who happens to support a rival team. (Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Tennessee Volunteers, etc. fans, just trust me on this one.) Keep in mind that anything that includes an insult or strong opinion may be taken personally by a potential buyer. When in doubt, pack it up out of sight.

  • I will point out anything that might create a negative impression or interfere with a potential buyer’s ability to imagine living in your home.

9. Declutter, simplify, and rearrange.  Remove unnecessary furniture and decorations. Stage each room for the best impression. This will make everything feel more spacious and more inviting.

  • I will give you specific recommendations for staging and creating the best impression.
  • I will recommend professional home staging companies if necessary.

10. Remove your pets. Whether it is concern over allergies, smells, or potential unseen damage, some buyers will be turned off by a home that obviously has a pet living in it – especially when that pet makes their presence known during the showing. Some experts say that prospective buyers shouldn’t even know that a pet lives in the home. As much as we love them, pets and pet paraphernalia need to go (or at least be hidden) during the time your home is being shown. This means removing dishes, crates, litter boxes, toys, and anything else associated with your pet. Outside pets should also be removed or restricted so that they don’t interfere with your buyers as they look over the exterior of your property.

  • I will remind you of the value of keeping your pets and their things out of sight, alert you to any pet-related problems such as hair or smells, and recommend ways to keep your pets happy and safe while your home is being shown.

11. Make your home easy to show. I will work around your life and schedule and schedule showings accordingly. It is better to make your home available on a regular basis, but I understand that not everyone can keep a home showroom ready 27/7. (I have two small children – there’s no way my family could allow showings 24/7 with little notice!) But, keep in mind that the next person who wants to see your home may make an offer – so do what you can to make it available and ready for showing.

  • I will set up showing availability around your schedule  (We’ll set this up ahead of time to minimize last minute requests and unnecessary stress to you.)
  • I will give you prompt notice of showing requests and schedule (or negotiate a re-schedule) according to your needs
  • I will make recommendations for how to keep your sanity during the selling process.

12. Leave during showings. While the house is being shown, buyers want to feel free to move about, ask their real estate agent questions, and check out the features of the house. Leave the property – go out for a cup of coffee and give them the space they need to start to feel at home. After all, that is what you want!

  • I will remind you of this, and let you know of any feedback that I receive from the buyers’ agent.
  • I will address any security concerns or other issues you may have with leaving the property, and recommend solutions for you if leaving the property is impossible.

13. Share information. Prepare a folder with information about your utility expenses, repairs or additions, features of the home and the neighborhood, and anything else that will help potential buyers make a decision to buy your house. Leave this out for them to review during the showing.

  • I will review any information you decide to leave to make sure it presents a good impression to buyers.

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