Oh, That Smell!


It’s interesting to me that we don’t know what we smell like. This is because we’ve been smelling ourselves all of our lives. Think about that as you inhale deeply through your nostrils.  Think of that when you decide it is time to sell your house.  House staging smells is an interesting topic – if a buyer notices ANY smell, the next question is “what are they covering up?”  There’s a fine line there, and some interesting science to back up my smell staging game.

The sense of smell is powerfully related to memory and emotion. Aren’t there smells that elicit emotions for you? The smell of a garage – any garage – takes me back to my childhood visits to my grandparents.

Bad odors can repulse us away from even something very beautiful. We shy away from what smells unappealing, whether we are aware of it or not. What’s the danger in real estate?

We get used to the way our homes smell, so we might not notice a lingering food, pet, or musty smell. Of course, bad smells are a big time turn off home buyers. No one buys a house that doesn’t smell right to them.

Even those of us with sensitive sniffers need a fresh nose to tell us what our house really smells like – borrow one from an honest friend or trusted real estate agent. That person can tell you if there’s a lingering odor in the house, and may even help you solve the issue.

What three smells turn off home buyers the most? See below to find out.



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Aaron Lovett is a full-service Realtor in Smyrna, TN, working out of the regional office of Weichert Realtors, The Andrews Group in Murfreesboro, TN. His service area includes Smyrna, Murfreesboro, the remainder Rutherford county and surrounding areas. Aaron has lived in the area for over a decade. He takes pride in helping home buyers and sellers reach their real estate goals.

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