Nobody Expected This


Nobody Expected This

Who are you listening to? News media measures success in # of viewers, not the accuracy of their reporting. Their predictions about the future are forgotten by the next news cycle. As regards the housing market, never forget these fundamentals:
🏠1. Everyone needs a roof over their heads.
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦2. Increasing population increases demand.
📈3. Increasing demand puts pressure on supply.
🏘️4. The economy is a constant balance of supply and demand.

So what’s happening right now? Nationwide we are 300,000 homes short of the demand. This is true in Middle Tennessee. And when demand is greater than supply, you get increasing prices. That’s why values are STILL up.

Next time someone on the news says a housing crash is coming, ask if they are considering the fundamentals. Ask if they are selling off their real estate. Or are they buying and holding? 🤔 Remember, they can’t see what’s coming next, but the fundamentals mean real estate will always be a solid long term investment. And every big player is buying up as much real estate as they can.

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