Four Things your Home Inspector Won’t Check


Four Things your Home Inspector Won't Check

4 MAJOR things your inspector won’t check and how to address them:
☝️Septic system – to truly check this, a specialist can run a camera down the main line to verify slope and clear condition to the tank, and a septic company can open the tank to check if it’s functioning (usually involves digging up the yard).
🌦️ HVAC – an inspector will only check the in-season functionality. They won’t check heat when it is warm outside or cooling when it is cold outside. An HVAC specialist can check everything to give you an in-depth look at the unit.
🌊Swimming pool – leaks, water condition, diving board, slides, and pool equipment are all outside the scope of the typical home inspection company. A pool specialist is who you need to call to verify the swimming pool is as it should be.
👀 The inspector can’t see the future, and can’t see inside walls (usually). Some will use thermal imaging, robots, and drones to get a closer look, but none of them can tell you when something is going to break or wear out.
🏠If you are buying a home, GET A HOME INSPECTION! Getting a professional set of eyes on the property can save you from surprises later!
🤔Is there something else you would put on this list? Comment below!

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