Don’t Hire a Turkey!


Don't Hire a Turkey (Identifying Realtors Who Cut Corners)

🧐Don’t hire a turkey to sell your home! Too many 🦃 agents cut corners. Here is how to weed them out! Comment your thoughts below! 👇 Here’s the reasoning behind my suggestion.

In a hot market, it didn’t take skill or effort to get offers (but it did take skill and effort to get the BEST offers). So many agents got lazy, cut corners in their marketing, and never made the connections and developed the processes to get the most out of their marketing budget. Now those agents are lagging behind. More importantly, their clients are suffering because they lack skills and cut corners. The easiest place to cut corners back then was in marketing, especially in hiring a professional photographer. After all, they probably have a phone with a decent camera, right? 🙄

The more expensive and time consuming marketing tools are professional photography, videography, 360 video, drone photography and video, and live social media. Not every listing needs all of these tools, but Professional photography is a MUST. So if you don’t see that in every listing, including those listed in a hot seller’s market, it’s a fair bet that the agent made a “business decision” to cut corners.

Can you cut corners and sell a house? Sure, but can you be confident the seller got the most possible showings and best possible offer? NO WAY.

If they cut corners then, they will cut corners now. That “business decision” was also a value statement. That may sound harsh, but I believe it 100%. We are hired to look out for our client’s best interests. If your business model doesn’t allow for professional marketing, but you present yourself as a full service broker, there is some confusion. As a consumer, the best way you can cut through the confusion is to look at an agent’s past work and get in writing exactly what marketing they will use on your home. YOU DESERVE TO GET WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR!

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