AS-IS Doesn’t Mean Squat


AS-IS Doesn't Mean Squat

Is AS-IS the ultimate cop out? 🧐 Nope, but you might be surprised at how many times as-is in a listing turns into a complete misunderstanding, or worse! 🤯 I have seen…
1. Buyers pass up a perfectly good house (seriously, nothing actually wrong with it) because the listing said “as is” and so the buyer assumed there were problems. 😥
2. Listing agents think that since “as is” was in the MLS, buyers couldn’t negotiate repairs. 😭 (spoiler alert: we did AND the seller agreed to them! )
3. New agent submit a buyer’s offer “as-is” when they really meant “pass/fail” (spoiler alert, the words in the contract matter) 🤨
4. Sellers not understand that as-is does not let them off the hook for later damage. If winds blow the roof off or a water heater floods the house, that’s not something the seller gets to walk away from.🤔
Did you know that? Does it make you feel differently about the term AS-IS? Comment below!

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