How to sell an ugly house

Not every house is in ideal condition – but that doesn’t have to stop you from selling. In fact, some shoppers are looking for “ugly” houses – those houses that need cosmetic attention or more serious repairs and are ready to be rehabbed. These houses make up an important part of the real estate market. Follow these tips for selling an ugly house in Tennessee:

Tips for selling “ugly” houses.

1. Don’t despair – you can sell it “as-is”.

True, this may not get you the highest sales price, but when you calculate in the costs and hassles of making all the repairs needed, you might be better off selling this one to a professional rehabber who has the knowledge and resources to put into the property.

2. Decide on a strategy.

There are a variety of common strategies for selling ugly houses. The strategy I recommend depends on the specific property. In almost all cases you should make it as presentable as possible by cutting the lawn and vegetation and emptying the house. Any additional recommendations really depend on your circumstances and the specifics of the property.

3. What’s more important, time or money?

Sometimes getting a property sold quickly is the most important consideration. In that case, it’s better to set a realistic but attractive list price and get it on the market immediately.

4. Wait – I don’t want to “give it away”!

Of course not! It’s really just a matter of balancing your budget for repairs, your goals for selling, and the market conditions. I can help you prioritize cosmetics and repairs so that you get the most out of the sale without wasting time and money on repairs that won’t matter.

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