Don’t Let the Nashville Real Estate Market Scare You


Purchasing real estate in Middle Tennessee in 2018 can be a challenge, to put it mildly. But don’t let the “seller’s market” hype scare you! You can get YOUR home at YOUR price.

True, this is one of the hottest “seller’s markets” in the country. Not only are approximately 100 people per day moving to the area, but real estate investors from all over have eyed the Nashville area as one worth getting into.

We’ve seen some properties sell sight-unseen to cash buyers at over what they would appraise at. Stories like that can be discouraging to the average buyer or new investor. But, with smart negotiating strategies, patience, and professionalism, you can get YOUR home at YOUR price! Just ask Liz and Andy!

It’s true, we looked at quite a few places, and got under contract on several.  Of course, getting under contract is just the beginning.  After doing our due diligence on some properties, we decided that they weren’t the right fit.  My clients wisely stuck to their budget and I didn’t let them get bullied or taken advantage of in negotiations.  In the end, we got the right house, UNDER list price, and on my client’s terms.

So, while it is a competitive market, it is also one with lots of possibilities.  If you have a real estate goal in mind, I would love to help you reach it.  You can make your goals a reality.  I work with real estate buyers, sellers, and investors in the Middle Tennessee area.



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Aaron Lovett is a full-service Realtor in Smyrna, TN, working out of the regional office of Weichert Realtors, The Andrews Group in Murfreesboro, TN. His service area includes Smyrna, Murfreesboro, the remainder Rutherford county and surrounding areas. He cares for the needs of sellers, buyers, and investors. Aaron has lived in the area for over a decade. He takes pride in helping home buyers and sellers reach their real estate goals.