If you need to sell and buy a home… [review]


Jhen says:

If you need to sell and buy a house, Aaron is the guy you need!  We had a not so good experience selling and buying a house 3 years ago, so we were very careful who to trust this time.  I decided to look for a Realtor near us online, and thank you Google for showing Aaron.

And trust us, he will work for you, be there for you, and he’s not just in it to sell and find you a house.  He hears you out and takes care of what needs to be done.

(A little bit of the story)

First everything’s going smooth till our first buyer backs out, and we already found a house we want.  The thought of losing the house we want is stressing, but Aaron’s confidence and happy demeanor makes us feel at ease that everything will be alright.  In the end, we sold our house and got the house we wanted.


We recommend Aaron in a heartbeat because we know you’re in good hands with him.  He’s very patient and understands our needs.  He’s a good listener, reliable, and he exceeded our expectations which is really hard to reach based on our experience.  So to Aaron: we thank you so much and appreciate all the hard work you did for us!  With Aaron Lovett you don’t have just a Realtor, you have a friend that protects your best interest!

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Aaron says…

When Jhen and Jeffery first contacted me, they were in the middle of a large home remodeling project and were very concerned about finding a Realtor who would be truthful with them about their options for selling, either “as-is” or with the project completed.  They wanted to make sure their Realtor would negotiate in their best interests.  For Jhen and Jeffery, it was important that they have adequate time for moving from one home to another without renting in between.  Most of all, they did not want to feel pressured to purchase a house that wasn’t just right for their family.

Jhen and Jeffery were very cautious about which Realtor to trust because of a previous bad experience, as Jhen stated above.  They were looking forward to finding their dream home.  They were committed to the sale of their home as long as they could find what they were looking for, and of course wanted to sell their current home for as much money as possible within their time frame and with as little added stress as possible.

Despite a number of unexpected challenges that came up as we were preparing to sell their home, theirs is a story with a happy ending.  The result?  Through my marketing and outreach to other agents, connections with local investors, and with the help of my amazing team of local professionals (lender, title company, inspector, and even an auction company) we successfully sold their home even before the remodeling work was completed.  We successfully negotiated the purchase of their new home, and Jhen and Jeffery had plenty of time to move directly to their new home.

It takes a team: Benjamin Seamon (title attorney), Aaron Lovett (Realtor), Ryan Boody (mortgage lender), Jhen and Jeffery (sellers/buyers).

Do you want to have an awesome home selling and buying experience?  Talk to Aaron to find out just how much he can do for you!

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Aaron Lovett is an incredible full-time full-service Realtor.  He’s a rare combination of real estate expert, educator, home renovator, problem solver, and marketing madman.  His service area includes Smyrna, Murfreesboro, the remainder of Rutherford county and surrounding areas, including Nashville and Davidson county. He goes “above and beyond” for sellers, buyers, and investors.  Aaron has lived in Middle Tennessee for over 20 years. He takes pride in helping home buyers and sellers reach their real estate goals.