3 Reasons to FSBO


Selling FSBO – For Sale By Owner – should you do it?  Maybe you’ve thought about selling your home on your own, without the assistance of a Realtor.  You might think that a Realtor would have nothing positive to say about selling FSBO or buying a FSBO property.  After all, it is my job to help people buy and sell homes in Middle TN.  Think again. In some cases, there are reasons for selling your home FSBO.  Most people wonder if you save money by selling FSBO.  The post “Does FSBO Save You Money?” answers that question.

Why would I give you 3 reasons to FSBO your home in Rutherford County? After all, my job is all about helping buyers and sellers reach their ultimate real estate goals.  In a small percentage of cases it might be to the seller’s advantage to refrain from using a real estate agent’s services.  Also, I know the value of the service that I provide, so I’m not really worried that somehow FSBOs are going to hurt my business.

3 reasons to buy or sell FSBO
You already have a buyer.

The best reason to FSBO is if you have already located a buyer who is ready, willing, and able to purchase your home.  One fundamental reason to hire a Realtor is to market your property to attract as many potential buyers as possible and sell your home to one of those interested parties.  If you have already located a buyer, there’s little need to pay for a Realtor’s marketing commission.

You have professional-level knowledge and are willing to do the work.

Sometimes a retired Realtor to sell FSBO. (Not always, though.  I have been hired by retired real estate agents to sell their homes.)  Experienced sellers of real estate who have access to the tools needed for establishing a fair market price, marketing to get the maximum number of buyers, handling negotiations, getting deals closed, etc., might consider selling a home FSBO.

You just want to try

This is my least favorite reason to try to sell FSBO, because it is often very frustrating to the seller.  “For Sale by Owner” puts all of the work and responsibility on the shoulders of someone who may not have the experience or ability to sell a home quickly and for top dollar.  But, if the experience of FSBO is more valuable to you than any other relevant factors and you feel compelled to try to sell on your own, ok. I don’t recommend it, but I get it. (I tried cutting my own hair once. Once.) There’s a lot of work involved, not to mention the money and time at stake. Still, I get it.

Wait! What about the money? Do sellers save paying commissions when they sell without using a Realtor? Do buyers get a better deal when they find a FSBO?  The answers may surprise you.


What about that NAR report that says FSBO’s sell for 13% cheaper than agent-assisted transactions?

Find out in this post 4 reasons why you should reconsider selling FSBO.

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