SOLD! New Home Review, 119 Juliet Ave Murfreesboro TN


SOLD! New Home for Sale Video Review: 119 Juliet Ave

This is 119 Juliet Avenue in Murfreesboro TN.  It is a new custom-built home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a large bonus room.  It is over 1900 square feet AND it is a one level home.  It has a detached 2-car garage and it sits on a lovely 1/3 acre lot.  119 Juliet is for sale today, listed by Weichert Realtors for $259,900.

I am your Realtor, Aaron Lovett, and today I am going to show you all around 119 Juliet before we have our open house here this afternoon from 2 to 4.  I will give you a video tour of the yard and through the home, and I will point out the quirks and features of 119 Juliet Ave.  At the end of the video, I will give the home a LoveScore, my personal ranking of the major features of the home.  Of course, if you want to see it in person, just give me a call.  Or, you can go on over to my website and see every home for sale in the area and when you see one you like, just hit the “Request Tour” button and schedule your private tour of any home on  And now, 119 Juliet Ave:

Let’s start outside.

The yard is over 1/3 acre.  There’s some space between you and the neighbors – I like that. It’s flat, easy to maintain, and it has these great trees in the front yard.  Not only does that give you a place to play if you enjoy climbing trees, but with enough rope you could hang a hammock here.  Really I love mature trees in the yard because they give this home a feeling of permanency or establishment – something you don’t always get with new construction.  Many new homes get starter trees – but not this one.

Another highlight of 119 Juliet Ave. is the brick.  I love this color and it coordinates very well with the roof and the siding that’s on the other sides of the house and on the garage.

Moving up to the front door, you’ll notice that the porch isn’t large, but it is covered and so even on a rainy day, guests coming to the front door won’t get soaked in a downpour.  I understand why builders don’t always make big covered porches – adding to the footprint and roofing increases costs without adding to the living space of the home, and most people go in through a garage or side door.  So, the front porch is often just a place for UPS deliveries to wait until you get home.  In any case, it’s an attractive covered porch, and the back porch – as you’ll see later – makes up for it!  Oh, I like the 3-pane door as well – it adds some light to the exterior without sacrificing your privacy.


Moving in to the interior of the home, you can really tell this is a new home.  The layout is open, ceilings are high, and these floors are gorgeous.  This living room measures approximately 17’x15’, not including the little alcove/foyer area of the front door.  I like the way that is done – that way swinging open the door doesn’t interfere with whatever is going on in this room.

It’s an easy transition to the kitchen.  The kitchen is a good size, about 17’x11’, with a dining area easily large enough for 6-8 people, depending on exactly what your furniture is like.  The appliances are all ____________ brand, stainless steel.  The microwave also serves as a range hood and fan.  I like this faucet…  One of the great features of this kitchen, other than the fact that it has all new appliances, is this awesome granite countertop and bar.   So, we can add 3 or 4 to the seating capacity of the kitchen with this bar.  The pendulum lights are a nice touch.  This is definitely a good setup for entertaining.  I also like that you can see out the front window from the kitchen sink.  Sure, it’s 20 feet away, but it’s a big window and you have a good view of the front yard.  The cabinets have these cool handles, and let’s take a look at the action on the drawers.  That’s great.

A couple of other features of the kitchen – the opening for the refrigerator is  “ x “, there’s a water hookup behind for an ice maker and filtered water from the refrigerator, and the built in cabinets up above are great for that over-the-fridge storage – a place to keep those things that you never use but refuse to regift.  Just regift it and use that for wrapping paper storage or something.  AND here’s the laundry.

Let’s step over to the master bedroom.  I love the trey ceiling. That’s the right size fan for this room.  The closet is great.  This is nice – someone is really going to enjoy this bedroom.  This bedroom is about 18×15 – that’s big enough for a California king AND a crib.  Don’t do it – give that baby her own room – but if you had to you could fit both in here.  Now, the master bathroom has double vanities, great for side-by-side tooth brushing festivities. It has a large shower enclosure with a seat.  These are great, and believe it or not, having the option to sit in a shower can come in really handy.  There are two outlets at the vanity, GFCI protected, of course.  That is very handy.  The floor in here is… easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about water because it’s very durable.

The other bedrooms are about 11×10. They’re typical sized bedrooms and closets.  The second and third bedrooms aren’t as large as the master bedroom, but really, most people only use their bedrooms for sleeping and getting dressed, and how much room do you need for that?

Do you want to see the room that might just get used the most?  This bonus room is on the same level – this is a one story home.  This room is 21×21. That’s large enough for a couple of pool tables, or you might be tempted to get some blackout curtains and set it up as a home theatre.  Or a library. Or a school room for the kids.  My office…hmm…

Back Yard

And finally, we should go see the back yard.  I like the deck – it’s a great size without overwhelming the yard.  You can easily get a grill and some furniture on it.  I would make sure the deck gets a good weather resistant stain on it, and maybe put some traction treads down on the steps.  None of that is a big deal.  This is really nice.  It’s quiet back here.

And let’s move over to the garage.  This is a two car garage, about 28”x32” – big enough for two of whatever you are driving.  The garage doors are attractive, and the concrete drive and walkway are very nice.  One wonderful thing about a detached garage is that there is a natural separation of space between your home and your vehicles, lawn mowers, gas, chemicals, dust, grime, and noise.  There’s an obvious safety advantage, but also just having those things just a few steps away from the house makes things more pleasant for the people in the house, especially when you run loud power tools.

So that is 119 Juliet Ave. 3BR. 2BA. All new.  Huge bonus room. Big 2 car garage. Brick front.  Large lot.  This is a brand new house with 1923 square feet and a 2 car garage, all on one level, for $259,900.


Now, for the LoveScore:  on a scale of 1-5 how does this home compare to other homes in the same area and price range?

Yard: The yard is nice, it has good landscaping and is a good size. In many neighborhoods, new homes in this price range come on ¼ acre or smaller lots, and here you get over 1/3 acre.  In this part of Murfreesboro, there are still some new homes going up on larger lots, so 1/3 acre fits in well with the comps, but there are larger yards to be found.  Overall the size of the yard is mostly a matter of preference.  As for its condition and appearance, it has new landscaping and fantastic mature trees. It will come into its full glory once the grass takes hold and the flower beds flourish – maybe a couple of summers.  Overall, the yard is a 4/5.


The brick front is nice. Of course it would be nice to have brick on all four sides, but that would also add thousands to the purchase price.  The architectural shingles on the roof are great.  The colors, textures, and architecture all look very pleasing.  Again, home style is a matter of preference, but It’s hard to complain about the exterior of this house.  LoveScore: 5/5.


The hand scraped look on the floors is gorgeous.  While I used to prefer natural hardwood or stone products, the modern laminates are very, very good.  The home has an open floor plan, and it’s easy to see that entertaining in this home would be fun.  The living room is open to the kitchen, and there’s that huge bonus room.  The finishes and cabinetry are good quality, average or above average for the price range.  I personally don’t prefer carpet, even in the bedrooms, but the fact is that the carpets, like everything else, are new, attractive, and good quality.  I give the Interior a 5/5 – you just can’t beat new construction.


The master bedroom is a good size, and the closet is a good size, although it could be larger.  The master bedroom is larger than comparable new homes in the area, but the other bedrooms are slightly smaller. Overall, the bedroom LoveScore is 4/5.


The bathrooms are fine – there isn’t a lot of wasted space and there’s adequate storage. They aren’t palatial, but they look good and they serve their purpose.  Some people might prefer a full bath in the master, but I personally like the large shower.  These are new bathrooms built with a modern layout, so they’re generally far and above anything you’ll find in an older home, even one that has been updated.  The bathrooms get a 4/5.


The kitchen is really the highlight of the house. You get new cabinets, fixtures, and granite countertops with bar seating.  The stainless appliances are normal builder grade, but they’ll certainly do the job and they look good.  The lighting is nice, and everything about this kitchen tells me that it will be a great place for people to gather and hang out.  This kitchen is a 5/5, and I would give it a bonus point if I could.

Overall LoveScore

That’s an overall LoveScore of 27/30.  That’s a house I’d definitely consider if I were shopping for a move in ready home in the area, and one of the best homes in this price range that I’ve seen all year.  That being said, is it priced fairly?  Let’s talk about value.


This a good house.  The quality of construction appears to be good.  It has some nice features, and I really like the open layout.  One fantastic feature of this home is that it is all on one level.  These are some things that really add to the value compared to other homes in the area and price range.  The detached garage is a consideration, but whether that is a pro or a con really depends on what you want.  The house will come with a 1 year builder’s warranty, and extended warranties are available.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to making an offer, not just price but terms and other factors as well.  Since I would like to represent you in the purchase of this house, I don’t make my offer recommendations public.  If you’d like to talk with me about getting the best deal on this house, contact me.  I gladly share my research and opinion of its market value with my clients as I help them create the most effective strategic offers.

If you have any questions about 119 Juliet, please ask!  We will be having our open house today and tomorrow from 2-4. Please come on by. You can visit my website, to see pictures of this house and every other home for sale in Middle TN.  I’m here to help.  I work out of the Murfreesboro office of Weichert, Realtors – the Andrews Group.  You can find me online at or find me on FB at  Aaron Lovett – Real Estate Professional.  And thank you for watching.

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